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Through  full  service

holistic  medicine

treatments,  we  treat  all

 issues  of  mind,  body  and

 spirit  and  believe  in

 empowering  patients  in

 their  process,  enabling

 you  to  become  the

 healthiest  version  of  you

 from  the  root  to  the branch.

Ai Ja Lee



Differences We Make

Taisiya & Igor family

“I have been a patient of Dr. Lee for almost 10 years now. Dr. Lee is a true professional of Eastern medicine with a lifelong experience and unique diagnostic capabilities.”

Shin Family

“I cannot begin to express my joy and gratitude. My husband and I consider Dr. Kim a miracle worker.
Two months of Dr. Kim’s guidance and herbs treatment, I became pregnant, imagine my astonishment!”

Thomas Family

“With Dr. Lee’s many degrees, honors, accomplishments and experience in infertility treatment, we weren’t surprised that she was awarded two U.S. patents herbal formulas for infertility. In hindsight, Dr. Lee is the obvious choice for infertility treatment and my only wish was that we had seen her sooner!.”

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Our Patented Treatment:

Patented on year 2008

  • Help conceiving formula
  • Preventing miscarriage formula
  • A plurality of herbs is combined to produce a composition that enhances and promotes fertility in females.
  • Only patented herbal formula for conceiving and preventing miscarriage formula in US
  • 70% successful rate proven by clinical experiences
  • Many successful cases of conception even after multiple IVF/IUI failures
  • Supports (Synergy) IVF/IUI
Patented Treatment

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We craft individual treatments to address each patient’s internal landscape.

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Our success has been proven over decades of our dedicated service.